Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My time at Muraspec

I've just returned home from my 2 week placement in the lovely Muraspec Design studios in Kent,which was amazing! It was my first proper placement and I really enjoyed it. I was overwhelmed by how lovely everyone in the studio was, and the amazing space they had set in the beautiful Kent countryside. 

Whilst on placement, I spent time with the CAD department and used their AVA software to tweak my winning 'african masks' design, we also used AVA to produce multiple colourways and rendors. The girls in the graphics department explained that this software costs around £40,000, and you're even required to go up to London to get specialist training to use it. This software was amazing though, and I'm really pleased with how the rendors and colourways have turned out. 

My design renders

Different colourways for my design 

I was also given tours of the Muraspec site, as they are able to produce their own designs on site in their factory, which was really interesting to see. Also from a designers point of view it's a benefit that you're able to see your design from the start (mood boards, drawings etc) to the finished product. 

I'll be updating my blog with the designs, drawings and mood boards I created at Muraspec shortly! 

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