Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Books

So happy to come in from a long day at Uni last week (mainly spent staring at a computer screen all day) to come home to these two books I ordered recently from amazon. Exciting World of Pattern Design and Experimental Pattern Sourcebook. 

So many beautiful patterns inside both books (you can tell by how many post-it notes I've put inside). These both prove that surface pattern design doesn't have to be all about florals as these books showcased loads of different styles and themes...they really show how interesting and cutting edge patterns can be. Lovely books indeed - sorry the picture from my phones camera doesn't do them justice! 

Here's the links to them on amazon for you, defiantly recommend!

Experimental Pattern Sourcebook Inspired Designs

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Victorian Lookbook at Lotherton Hall

I thought I'd share the picture of my wallpaper that's on display at the moment at Lotherton Hall! It was really amazing to see it hanging for the public to see as part of The Victorian Look Book exhibition, which runs until the end of January 2013. The Wallpaper Historical Society gave us the theme of 'Past, Present and Future' which I decided to narrow down to children's toys on the Past which was a really interesting and exciting place to start. I visited the Museum of Childhood in London where I saw everything from robots, rocking horses, mechanical toys, clowns, furbys, teddy bears..... the list was endless! 

My paper is the one in centre, with all the dinosaurs on! In between the papers of last years very talented graduates Louise Tiler and Sarah Milton, who have both been very successful since graduating.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Beautiful new ipod case

Sadly my trusty little mp3 player that I've had over 4 years finally gave up on me last week ..but it's not all bad, when looking into what to get next I came across these gorgeous skins, which defiantly swayed me to get an ipod classic. I opted for this design by Colin Johnson, (lovely!) and then had a look at his other work, which was equally impressive. Check him out on  

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Work at Victorian Look Book Exhibition at Lotherton Hall

Very excited to share with you that my work (and that of my talented coursemates) will be exhibited at Lotherton Hall (as part of the Victorian Look Book exhibition) in Leeds until May 7th 2012! I attended the private view on thursday night and it was amazing to see my wallpaper  in full size hung up in such a marvellous place! Check out this link for small examples of the wallpapers that will be on display.

 You can click here for more information about the student wallpapers that are on display by the Leeds College of Art students by clicking here here.

For more information about the Victorian Look Book Exhibition here 


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sold design at Premier Vision!

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I've sold a design this year at Premier Vision in Paris! This will be the second year that I've been successful and I'm so happy! My Toy Soldier design went to the Japanese company Midori Sanada, I wonder what they'll use my design for...?


 LD X 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bradford Textile Society

I thought I'd share my entries for this years Bradford Textile Society competition! I created a print based on electronic items and components using monoprinting, painting and then digital manipulation on Photoshop. 

Board 1 - demonstrating my initial inspiration, drawings, compositions and ideas.

Board 2 - my final designs, my proposed outcomes, technical details and colour pallet

You can find out more about the Bradford Textile Society by clicking here.

Monday, 12 March 2012

I've made fabric of the week!

My design, 'Haywire' has also made Alexander Henrys fabric of the week! Today has been a very exciting day indeed!

check them out on

You can also follow me on twitter @LouDormer


Exciting news!!

Absolutly extatic that a design that I sold to Alexander Henry Fabrics last year has been featured in their next Book! Check it out on Over the moon!!

I also love the different colourways that they've created from the original! 

Also is available to buy as a fabric or napkin   Picking Daisies


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sneak Peak!

Here's a little glimmer of what I've been up to today folks! Playing around with this mask design and attempting to create a repeat's early days and it still requires alot of tweaking and redrawing but I hope it's getting there! LD X 

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So, for my FMP at university I'm looking into tribal elements, masks, african spiritual objects and such! I've been having a little google today with a large cup of tea and come across some absolute beauties.

My dream Renault 5

Tribal nails

scarily high tribal wedges from Jeffery Campbell 


Our Legacy menswear

Been doing a little saturday afternoon research for my current project  stumbled on this beauty from the scandinavian brand Our Legacy.  Available to purchase at here.

First ever blog post!

First *ever* blog post! I'm a Printed Textile designer in my final year at Leeds College of Art, I've been meaning to set up a blog forever, glad I've finally got there in the end! I love all things Textiles, Graphics and fun! I'll aim to put up things I love, that inspire well as my own work. LD x