Saturday, 25 August 2012

Muraspec - so far so good!

I'm currently half way through my two week placement at Muraspec design studio in Kent, I've really enjoyed my time in the studio so far and have been creating new designs mainly based on tribal and African patterns aswell as producing professional mood boards. The studio is lovely, set in a small village outside of Maidstone and it's a really friendly studio environment with loads of space and the staff are lovely! On the second day there was a site tour, which involved being shown the whole factory and how it operates - and given some not so pretty details of accidents that involved workers losing fingers!
Next week I've got to think of a new theme and create designs based on this as well as oversee my winning design from the student competition being put into print! I'll report back when I've completed my placement & will hopefully be able to share some pictures..meanwhile time to get my thinking cap on for some new ideas! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

LookLikeLove Blog

My work has been featured on LookLikeLove Blog, as one of their favourite surface pattern designs from New Designers. 

 'Louise Dormer, a recent graduate from Leeds College of Art took her Spirits, Rituals and Superstitions collection to form the back-drop to her display at New Designers. We were actually drawn to her collection in particular a couple of times during our recent visit, and we especially liked the monotone designs she created with its repeated motifs and bold graphic statement.'

It's always so lovely to hear that people love your work and their compliments! I've also had a look through the LookLikeLove blog and am defiantly going to start following as they've featured lots of talented artists and designers on their blog. They also aim to help support, promote and nurture graduates and new designers ! For the full post you can click here.